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Deciding what kind of deck you want is important if you want to extend your living and entertainment space from your house all the way into your backyard. The perfect deck allows homeowners to expand their overall recreation space at home, which can also serve as a vital component of garden landscaping. 

A seamless deck should be constructed in a way that is usable all year round and is easy to maintain, so that you have a beautiful deck for many years to come. Choosing to build a deck in the winters not only allows your deck to be ready to use by the time summer rolls around, but it is also cheaper to do so as the winters help pressurize treated wood, thus making it stronger and allowing it to dry more evenly. 

Using timber for building decks is increasingly becoming a popular choice for Cardiff homeowners to add some spark to their decks, and this decision is not even surprising considering timber has so many benefits. Being an easy to obtain and inexpensive material to use, it also requires minimum maintenance.

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Starting a deck-remodelling project can be more easily said than done, but we are here to help with composite decking Cardiff, timber decking, waterproofing, rails, stairs and anything that you may need to breathe a new life into your outdoor space. 

We encourage you to meet with our garden and deck specialists and tell us about your personal preferences. We will take into consideration your budget, expectations, and any new or past ideas that you might have. Once we grasp a clear view of the scope of your project, we will confirm the options and materials to work with you through this process of creating your dream deck! 

Feel free to contact us to discuss the wide variety of decking options we can offer you while designing a deck that is perfectly suited to all your needs and budgetary restrictions.

Laying Decking & Deck Construction in Cardiff

For composite decking in Cardiff, our team believes in building the most tasteful yet functional decks in the most affordable way possible. The good thing about choosing a wood decking is that it does not require any intensive labour for supports or for digging the foundations, so you do not have to worry about any disturbance to the surrounding area. Usually a small deck can be laid out in a single day, so you do not have to go through the hassle of tweaking your schedule to get work done. The decking we use can easily be laid over your pre-existing patio or grass. We treat the ground with a weed-killer and lay down a membrane to prevent further growth of plants and weed. 

Whether you wish to lay down a new deck, or re-cover an existing structure, we are here to help! We advise you on the different variety of timber as well as wood solutions available in the decking market. These range from choosing between pressure and standard-treated timber, understanding how you can preserve your timber deck, and how a long-lasting layer of lacquer can guarantee longevity.  

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