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The Importance of Garden Designing in Cardiff

Gardens tend to make up a large chunk of how others see our homes. They not only add scenic beauty to the area, but also give you a place to relax and chill out after a busy day at work. To make your garden an aesthetically-pleasing picture, while at the same time comfortable enough for you to lounge in can prove tricky without the help of professionals. And that is where we step in. Our team specialises in garden landscaping. At Cardiff Landscaping, we help make your garden design dream into a reality so that you can enjoy your magical nook for many years to come. No matter what the season, weather, winter or summer – we are ready to do the job for you!

We have written an article on how to make your garden eco-friendly. Learn from our tips and tricks that we use in 2021 to improve garden design for our clients across Cardiff.

Why Hire a Garden Designer in Cardiff?

Whether you are a garden novice or an experienced gardener, a professional garden designer and garden landscaper Cardiff will help pick out ideas for you that you might have not thought of yourself. Working with a garden designer allows you to come up with a scheme that works both aesthetically and practically, while also being tailored to your area and needs. An experienced garden designer will also be able to get you a wide range of landscaping products – ranging from garden structures to building materials and lawn accessories, as well as well-grown plants at competitive rates!

Even if you are not looking for a full revamp, it will be worth asking an experienced garden designer to give you their expert opinion on a particular aspect of the garden that you would want to tackle yourself, for example, a troublesome area for planting or a boundary that was overlooked before. They can also assist you in changing existing elements that you do not like about your garden. 

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What Cardiff Landscaping Can Do For You?

Whether you want a space for children to have some fun, to entertain your friends and family, or to have a little nook to grow vegetables and flowers in, at Garden Landscaping Cardiff, we offer you a complete solution for all your garden design needs. 

We pay attention to detail, and it is our aim to do even the smallest things right the first time. With our professional interest in soft and hard landscaping material, we have managed to create garden designs Cardiff that are not only unique, but also flattering to contemporary garden designing while blending into surrounding landscapes. 

Whatever the scope or size of your project – be it a couple of ideas for a small garden or a complete makeover of the entire place – you can get the most out of your outdoor space while meeting your budgetary and timescale considerations. 

We also analyse your properly, assessing the limitations and possibilities of the area that you want us to re-do or renovate. We leave no stone unturned as we check for soil characteristics, access, and surrounding views. You can discuss your budget with us and we will get you the garden you have always wanted without it being a financial burden. 

Can Landscaping be Done in Winter?

With the arrival of winters, you might be wondering whether you can landscape your garden in the chilly winds and the frost. The answer is ‘yes’, and by no means should your garden be out of bounds in this, or any other season, so to speak. Contrary to popular belief, landscaping should ideally go on for all 12 months of the year. If you decide to initiate a yard renovation now, there are some potential advantages that you can avail:

  • Hard Landscaping: Hard landscaping can easily be undertaken in the colder months – especially during the months of December, January and February in Cardiff. Hard landscaping refers to those elements of a garden makeover that do not include living things – such as planting or laying flowerbeds. It has more to do with the overall structure of the yard – such as laying down or renovating patios, decks, walls and pathways – something which can be easily and readily undertaken more exclusively in the winter season. 
  • Shorter Waiting Lists: The best thing about undertaking landscaping projects in winter is the full attention you are likely to get. The best garden landscapers Cardiff are busy and fully booked in summers, and there is likely to be a long waiting list for jobs to be done. If you are a forward thinking person, you might want to arrange to have your new garden built in winters instead of the busy summer season, and also save a buck while doing so as the rates are relatively cheaper. 
  • Get Ready for Spring: Another great advantage of having your landscaping done in winters is that your garden will be ready and in full bloom by the time spring rolls around. Having undertaken the hard work in winters, you can enjoy every minute of your spring season outdoors – among your newly-paved patio, flowerbeds, water features, etc. 

Another thing to note is that a garden designer has a good know-how on how to work in winters and deal with the weather changes, which are hard to address when trying to DIY a new garden. They can also help you choose which plants and landscaping designs will make the garden stand out not only in the summers, but in the winter season as well. 

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Are Cardiff Landscaping Costs Tax Deductible?

When opting for a landscaping project, it is a valid question to ask. When taken as part of the overall taxable income, landscaping falls in the non-deductible category of your annual tax returns. However, there is an exception made upon the sale of the property. 

Usually, a landscaping tax deduction is availed only after you have sold your house, or if you are someone who runs a business from home. Moreover, a landscaping tax deduction normally includes any major work that you have had undertaken – like adding or removing a driveway, making a garden from scratch, installing a landscape irrigation system, laying sod or constructing fences. It is also important to note here that all of these things must exist on record at the time of the sale. 

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