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Designer garden with 2 levels designed by Cardiff landscaping

Patio Laying Cardiff

When looking for the perfect patio laying in Cardiff and which paving material to use, there are dozens of options that you might end up confusing you. A good quality paved patio in the outdoors is not only a great way to get closer to nature, but it can prove to be a fun spot to host your next barbeque party or even to get started on a brand new driveway. 

Another property that separates a good patio and paving job from an okay one is how practical they prove to be in the winter season. Winters can be pretty harsh here in Cardiff, and in order to improve the life of your patio and paving, high-quality materials coupled with expert workmanship should be utilised.

Landscaping Materials We Use in Cardiff

At Cardiff Landscaping, our paving technicians are experts in patterning from practical stretcher bond designs for a relaxed random out-lay, to simple or traditional herringbone designs for a more formal look.

We make sure to discuss all the important facts and feasibilities with you. Our professionals’ help you plan and build a beautiful patio, driveway or walkway that will be durable and low maintenance, while serving to enhance the surroundings and adding more value to your home. 

You can trust your next patio laying Cardiff project with Landscaping Cardiff. Our fully-qualified and trained patio-and-paving team not only designs and plans gorgeous patios, but they do so extremely quickly and efficiently with the minimum hassle from your end. Some of the materials we work with include:

  • Flagstones: A durable and budget-friendly option to make your driveway and garden area stand out in the neighbourhood.
  • Granite and Limestone: A robust and solid material that is great for residential gardens.
  • Blocked Paving: This is a common type of patio-and-paving technique that looks and feels perfect for all types of outdoor spaces.
  • Concrete: We can help you create stunning imprinted and stencilled concrete designs to prettify your patio area.

What Cardiff Landscaping Can Do For You?

At Cardiff Landscaping, we specialize in laying all kinds of patio laying Cardiff both for small and large residential or commercial projects. Whether it is bricks or natural stone, gravel, concrete slabs or asphalt you choose, we lay paving that will last you for a lifetime! 

We not only employ experienced pavers, but we also utilise modern materials and methods will go well with any design that you may have in mind. We share the latest trends and knowledge from our sister company who offers Landscaping in Kamloops. We also factor in the drainage and ground conditions of your area, ensuring that you get great performance and permanence out of your patio project.  

When considering the right type and style of paving for your patio, you may get overwhelmed by a myriad of choices. We will happily help and advise you in narrowing down the right choice. This will be accomplished by taking into account various conditions like how much weight and traffic your area will be subjected to, and factoring in slip resistance while ensuring our design goes along with the surrounding structures. Any look that you want to create – be it contemporary, traditional, rustic, or classic – we have the expertise and the resources to do in a budget that suits you. 

We deliver great value for your money, using high-quality building materials and paving techniques that are light on your wallet and provide you with an affordable paving plan. You can count on us to not surprise you with any hidden charges, because we make precise calculations regarding everything from paving materials to labour costs even before the start of the project.

Garden with fire pit built by Cardiff landscaping